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Poms, Inc.
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Welcome to Poms, Inc.

Poms, Inc. is an innovative technology startup founded by Charles E. Campbell and Reuben Dlamini to develop a digital technology system in the US and globally.

One of our technologies will create a revolutionary leap forward in the global digital creation and delivery of postal mail to every household and business in the world.  More details to follow within the next few months.


ePOMDS - Global Mail Delivery Innovation

iClip - Manufacturing and Regulation Innovation

eTab - K-College Education Innovation

iGlue- Movie Piracy Innovation

GameChanger - 21st Century Communication Platform Innovation

iRetail - Disruptive Innovation in Global Retail Supply Chain

The Dark Age Of Technology is over!

Poms, Inc.


Charles E. Campbell, Co-Founder - Columbus, Ohio

Reuben S. Dlamini, Co-Founder - South Africa

Poms, Inc. * 7108 Bennell Drive* Reynoldsburg  * OH US * 43068