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If you want to increase your School's, Charity, Religious and Non-Profit Organization's donations, the Charity Change App can help.

On Cyber Monday 2011, Online Retailers broke all previous records, when shoppers spent a record 54 Billion Dollars.  

Charity Change App functions by providing your organization the technology to collect donations from online retailer's customers at the point of checkout.  Imagine your organization exclusively getting change donated from 100,000 online shoppers.  


Purchase the Android and iPhone App for $99 and a Licensing Agreement for $999 each.


Apps Coming Soon to the Android Market Store and the App Store


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View Charity Change App Licensing Agreement

Be the first School, Charity, Religious and Non-Profit Organization to purchase an Advance Licensing Agreement by clicking the image below.  Why?  Because the top Online Retailers may only support one Charity and your Advance Charity Change Licensing Agreement allows you Pre-Order the Change Charity App first.