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Charity Change App Enables Your Organization To Collect Online Donations!


- Non Profits 

- Charities
- Local Schools or School Districts
- Foundations 

- Churches

- HBCUs and UNCF Colleges & Universities

- Political Campaigns                   

Charity Change App can increase the donations to your charity, non profit, school district, college or 

university, church,  foundation or political campaign. 

On Cyber Monday 2014, online shoppers spent a record $2.5 Billion Dollars.  

Charity Change App is a Website Application that enables your organization to collect donations from online 


Charity Change App,  works by turning your organization's logo into a clickable donate button with HTML software Code that can be placed on multiple eRetailer's, friends and supporter's websites who choose to support your funding raising efforts.  Their customers click your logo to donate a specific amount of money directly to your organization's Account.  Your organization keeps 100% of the money it collects.    It's that simple!

Reduced Price: Plus Act Now and Your 1st Month Is Free!

You Can Cancel Anytime For Any Reasons!

Six Easy Steps:

1. If your organization doesn't have a Paypal Account, get one for free at

2. Subscribe to the Charity Change App for $5 per Monthly for 1 year or Buy Now for $40 for 1 



3. Register your organization by providing your organization's name, address, email, telephone number, email address and your organization's logo in 72 x 72 Pixel size (or Smaller) in .png or .jpeg formats.


Logo sample size below

CCA Logo 72x72.png?1386086246893

4. Charity Change App automatically generate computer software code, turns your organization's logo into a clickable donate button, that's linked to your PayPal Account.


5. Contact an online eRetail company that has an eCommerce website and ask them to support your organization, but not with money.  Those who agree, email them your generate software code 

to be placed on their website. Many will agree to support your cause, because they don't have to 


give you money.

6. When their customers make purchases or pay a bills online, they will have the option to donate any amount to your organization.Collecting online donations with Charity Change App is that easy!    




 Buy Now for $5 per month for 1 Year                                                                     

 Buy Now for $40 for 1 Year (1st  Month Free)        

A List Of Top 500 Online e-Retailers Who Might Support Your Organization. 

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