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Does Slavery Exist Today In the
Gulf Oil Spill Disaster
Stop Apologizing For The Truth
Stop pologizing For The Truth!
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Opinions Matters
Thursday, November 4, 2010
My New Online Talk Show
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Posted by wbsinccd at 6:16 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, November 4, 2010 6:34 PM EDT
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010
Solution Proposed to Eliminate Chicago Violence
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) is a large-scale renewable energy startup located in Columbus, Ohio.   If AHEC is funded in the State of Illinois and City of Chicago, it will fund the following solutions to violence. Solutions to Reduce and Eliminate Violence in Chicago, IL1. Add Video Cameras to the streets and neighborhoods where the violence is taking place and publicize them.2. Required anyone arrested for a violent crime to complete 6 months of Violence Prevention Training, whether in prison or on parole.3.  AHEC will create directly and indirectly over 10,000 jobs paying a minimum of $15.00 per hour in Chicago, IL, which it will relocate its headquarter and operate a large-scale hydroelectric power generating facility downtown Chicago.  It will employ and train able bodied people from those high crime neighborhoods regardless of prior criminal history. See my website for details http://www.ahecgreen.com4. Provide Free Trades and Technical Training in the following areas (Computer, Technicians, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Auto Mechanical, HVAC, Construction, Urban Farming, and Entrepreneurship) to people 16 and older regardless of their literacy level.5. Create a zero tolerance for failure in the Public Schools serving those high violence neighborhoods, which mean that all students automatically start school each year with a 4.0 GPA and can only loose points for not trying.  Their ideas, creativity, verbal and written talents and skills will be included as a part of each assignment and each child will be given as many chances as necessary to master a subject or improve a grade.6. Provide afterschool Meals and Mentoring that include exposure to field trips, speakers, and sports, academic tutoring funding by AHEC Power Generating Facilities.7. Mandate each student complete Violence Prevention Workshops and projects each semester and provide 1 mental health counselor per 5 Students to be funded by AHEC.8. Hire and Train 500 Community Security Officers regardless of prior criminal history from their neighborhoods to be stationed 24/7/365 on every block and corner in neighborhoods affective by Violence.9. Provide free bus, cab and train transportation for students or adults participating in any job training, education, mental health counseling or employment.10. Create a Renter's Saving Program which requires landlords to set aside 10% of a participating adult's rent into a Renter's Savings Account, which can only be used as a down payment on a home.11. Provide Free Health, Dental, and Vision Care to all children and adults participating in any violence prevention counseling, training paid for by AHEC.12. Provide Free 4 Year College Scholarships to any Student or Adult earning a GED or Graduating from High School to a college that accepts them paid for by AHEC.13. Clean Neighborhood of all gang signs, trash and demolish all abandon homes that are not repairable to be paid for by AHEC.14. Create Empowerment Centers in Middle and High Schools and Community Centers that require individuals to collaborate to create products and services for the digital and traditional retail outlets.15. Provide competitive school and community sports where fair play, fun, sportsmanship, respect, discipline and nonviolent solutions are valued over winning.This proposal provides hope, resources and outlets that require energy, time, education, and training and address the factors of poverty, counseling, education, employment and transportation.  I will seek to redefine manhood, womanhood, respect, honor, duty, commitment, love, tolerance and humanity.    My name is Charles E. Campbell, LSW, MSW- Founder & CEO of Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC).

Posted by wbsinccd at 9:01 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, November 4, 2010 6:41 PM EDT
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Monday, August 2, 2010

AHEC is participating in GE Ecomagination Challenge.  The winner gets 200 Million Dollars to implement their idea.  I would appreciate your vote and you sharing this information with all your friends.  Thank you so very much in advance.


Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC)

Posted by wbsinccd at 2:13 PM EDT
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Thursday, July 22, 2010
Does Slavery Exist Today in the USA with a Bi-Racial President?

Slavery by Any Other Name is Still Slavery.  With Obama in the White House and Holder in the Justice Department, Why isn't Modern Day Slavery an Issue for Either of them? Read the following article before you form an opinion.  

The Cotton Pickin' Truth: Still on the Plantation

By Brian E. Muhammad -Contributing Writer- | Last updated: Jul 13, 2010 - 10:38:51 AM

A documentary on modern day slavery




( - Mae Louise Miller grew up in chattel slavery working from plantation to plantation for White owners in the South where her family picked cotton and she was beaten and raped repeatedly from the age of five. Her story is typical of the horrid accounts of slave life in America during the 19th century, only this saga is not from back then, it is a true story of the present.


Ms. Miller was enslaved until 1961 and there is evidence of slavery today in different parts of America's South.

Yes, slavery still exists in 2010 in Mississippi and Louisiana, says Timothy Arden Smith, who captured the story in a soon to be released documentary called “The Cotton Pickin' Truth … Still on the Plantation,” which will premiere Sept. 23 at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History in Detroit.



The film is a project of S & S Films International and produced by Mr. Smith and Tobias “Profit” Smith. The documentary was conceived after an appearance by Ms. Miller on the Warren Ballentine Radio Show and was created to bring exposure to the shocking and little talked about truth. Timothy Smith is executive producer for the nationally syndicated radio program.


“After the show I prayed a lot and my dad had been wanting to do a documentary and God told me this is the documentary he ought to do,” said Tobias Smith, who is also an independent hip hop recording artist.

The younger Smith said they reached out to Ms. Miller with their intentions, and decided doing the film was not economic-driven but was a “mission.”

In the process of interviewing Ms. Miller about her life as a 20th century slave in America, the Smiths learned from her that slavery was still being practiced in Mississippi and Louisiana today. Then the filmmakers were taken to Glendora, Miss., and Webb, Miss., where they said they saw and documented the existence of plantations.

The Smiths said the areas are isolated, deep inland from main roads and “far away from civilization,” where plantation owners do what they want.

According to the Smiths, there are many who know that slavery didn't end with the Emancipation Proclamation nearly 150 years ago. The elder Smith said talking about the documentary and pre-showings of the film revealed that a significant number of people know firsthand, based on having family members still on the plantations, or themselves growing up in slavery but choose to remain silent.

Others express disbelief and denial because of the perception of racial progress in America, such as having a Black president.

“The upper class Blacks look at it and they are shocked,” said Timothy Smith. “They feel ‘this is not going on we have a Black president.' ”

It is out of sight and out of mind for those who know slavery exists, he added.

Timothy Smith pointed out that the film gives meaning to the human experience and how most people are yet enslaved on one level or another. He cited his colleagues in the media industry who choose to focus on partying and frivolity, fearful of taking on a serious issue such as slavery in modern America.

“No matter if you are Black or White you will see yourself in the documentary,” said Mr. Smith. “You are still on the plantation.”

Along with Mae Louise Miller, the film also features commentary from activist/comedian Dick Gregory, Harvard law professor Charles Ogletree and others.

“We want to make people aware about what's going on so we can stop what's going on,” Tobias Smith said. A trailer for the film can be viewed at

Posted by wbsinccd at 2:15 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, July 22, 2010 2:26 PM EDT
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Friday, July 2, 2010
2013 Universal Human Rights Manifesto

2013 Declaration of Universal Human Rights Manifesto

I, Charles  E. Campbell, on the 2nd day of July 2010, do declare and affirm that Universal Human Rights are automatically granted to all human beings born on Planet Earth or anywhere in the Universe at birth by their creator(s) and shall not be violated or removed with or without just cause. 

Universal Human Rights constitute a declaration, guidelines and principles for nations, species, planets and beings to follow.

Universal Human Rights will be enforced on a domestic, country, continent, planet, solar system, galaxy, all known and unknown universes.

Ratification of Universal Human Rights is not required and is considered binding everywhere. All wars are hereby banned and prohibited, including war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes against other universal beings and genocide.

Any violation of Universal Human Rights require nations, countries, planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes to use their technologies to intervene against the aggressive individual(s) using force against others and refusing to negotiate a peaceful resolutions to all problems. No longer will leaders be permitted to place the lives of those they lead at risk for their selfish, petty, political, greed, hate, vengeance or power.

The Universal Human Rights Organization will be created in 2013 to monitor and resolve any conflicts and to ensure t he protection of individual, groups, nations, countries, planet, solar system and Universal Human Rights are protected, respected and maintained. It will assist with education, health, government, nutrition, economic development, security, justice and fairness.

It's leadership will consist of one (1) randomly selected representative from each country.  They can never approve any action that would violate the Universal Human Rights of this declaration.


Declaration of Basic Universal Human Rights

  • 1. The Right to a Free Quality Education and / or Skill Based Training.
  • 2. The Right to Meaningful Employment with a living wage.
  • 3. The Right to Travel Freely throughout the planet, solar system, galaxy and universe without consent or approval.
  • 4. The Right to Safe, Healthy and Nutritional Food and Water regardless of the ability to pay.
  • 5. The Right to Quality Preventative Health Care and Treatment.
  • 6. The Right to Free Transportation to and from employment, medial care, social, recreational and entertainment.
  • 7. The Right to Quality Housing with electricity, water, sewage, internet and communications.
  • 8. The Right to Pay a Flat Rate Percentage of earned income to pay in taxes to the national, state, regional, county, city, neighborhood and community government for all the Free, Quality, Adequate and Fair Services that are provided.
  • 9. The Right to contribute to the society, country, planet, solar system, galaxy or universe in which I reside.


Declaration of Basic Universal Human Responsibilities


  • 1. The Responsibility to make choices that respect and protect the health, life and well-being of myself, my family and others beings regardless of their age, race, color, culture, size, economic status, language, abilities, spirituality, sexual orientation, their nation, planet, solar system, galaxy or universe of origin.


  • 2. The Responsibility to exercise power and control responsibility in a way that does not violate the rights of others.

Posted by wbsinccd at 9:51 AM EDT
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Without Fear!!! 
Human beings are born without fear, which has to be taught to us.  In order to be controlled you must be provided with the thought that you could lose out on money, power, access and opportunity.  Our parents passed their fears down to some of us (generationally).
We must learn to master the ultimate fear of death and hell.  Death and hell (religions) are the world's greatest tools for controlling the masses.  Some Religions taught to the poor intentionally consume their free time and energy and provides them a false frame of reference by which they are taught to process and filter all the knowledge and information they receive.
There is always a special book written by their true and one god.  Fear is the balance to hope.  If you are fearful, you won't hope and dream,  nor work hard to develop your gifts, given to each of us at birth (music, leadership, knowledge, abilities, and talents). 

One day the human race will be ready to join a universal race  of beings who have long since mastered the issues that our political and religious leaders dare not touch for their own fear.

We can and must do better as Human Beings, Black African Americans, as North Americans, as Earthlings, Milky Way Galaxians, and Beings of the Universe.  The time for excepting small minded leadership is over.  
Demand an end to Fear Based Politics and Religious Doctrine. America can be a glowing example to the world, if We The People demand a society that is based on the universal priniciples of Truth, Justice, Fairness and Love.


Charles E. Campbell, One Black African American Man's Opinion.

Posted by wbsinccd at 9:28 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, June 29, 2010 9:33 AM EDT
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Saturday, June 19, 2010
Solution to The Oil Spill Ignored by BP Horizon, The White & EPA

Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) offered the following solution.

A method to capture the oil at the site and a strategy to clean the oil off the surface.

The solution would require 100 Oil Tankers with several Industral Pumps, 500 Smaller (Tug) Boats, 1 Submarine, Large PVC Pipes, and Large Suctions Hoses.

Proposed Cost: 1 Billion Dollar Line of Credit for AHEC.  As an incentive: AHEC gets to keep, what it doesn't spend, if it completes the task to the satifaction of an Independent Review Team of People From The Gulf, BP Officials, EPA and Interior Department Officials.

Time Frame: 30 Days from the Time The Operations Beginning

People Power Required: 2 Pattons of Navy Officers and Marines and Oil Tanker and Ship Crew  and Support Crew To be compensated from the 1 Billion at $50 Per Hour.

Operate: 24 Hours Per Day in Three 8 Hour Shifts   

How it would work?

Each Oil Tanker will be connected by a Suction Hose to 5 of the Smaller (Tug) Boats.  Attach the 75 Feet of Large PVC Pipes to the Smaller Boats in 25 Feet Sections that would be able to be folded on top of each other in from of the Smaller (Tug) Boats.

The 500 Yards of the Suction Hoses would be attached to the PVC Pipes and run back to the Oil Tankers.  The Oil Tankers would have several large Industral Pumps to suck the oil and dispersants to the tanker, separate the oil and dispersants.  Store the oil and dispersants and return to water back to the gulf.

The Large PVC Pipes would be cut to create a "C" Like Opening that could be lowered and raised to capture surface oil. 

The Smaller (Tug) Boats would have the abililty manuver to cover a large section in a grid cleaning pattern, while still being connected to an Oil Tanker.  Some of the Some Oil Tankers would start at the coastal states, some at the oil spill site and some at the Loop Current, which no media seems to be talking about anymore. 

The Submarine would be connected to an Oil Tanker and use a similar process to remove large oil plumes that are underwater. 

It was sad to hear President Obama say that the Federal Government had to rely on BP to continue to try to solve a crisis that they can't.  He also stated that the Best Minds are at work solving this crisis.  I Think Not Mr. President!!  The best minds were not even at the table. 

Hurricane Season is here! Oil may already be in the Loop Current heading to the East Coast and the lack of leadership from President Obama and his administration is disappointing.  BP is giving 5 Billion per year for 4 years.  I challenged this Administration allocate 1 Billion of that to allowing my company to implement this strategy.

One other thing, the lack of National Black Leadership is consistent and predicitable.  One wants to Call for a Boycott and others want to Protest BP, and yet others remain Silent because they haven't figured out a way to get face time on TV! A Crisis is nothing but an opportunity to demostrate your leadership skills and ability, if you have any. 

Visit: Allen Hydro Energy Corporation (AHEC) Website and see what one of this world's best mind is trying to do, while being ignored by President Obama, The White House, DOE, DOS, and DOD.

Your Opinions Matters!! 

Posted by wbsinccd at 11:54 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, July 2, 2010 9:49 AM EDT
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How Dirty Is The Dirty South?

Jailed for $11: Sisters locked up 16 years in Dirty South injustice


What's your opinion on this article?

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Graphic: Tamiko G. Muhammad/MGN Online
( - The dirtiest thing about the South is not the “Dirty South” music genre, but institutional racism that shatters dreams and destroys families. For the Scott Sisters, who supporters say were unfairly sentenced to life in prison 16 years ago, it has meant watching their children grow into adults and mourning the loss of their father.


Since October 1994, Gladys and Jamie Scott have been serving two life terms each in prison, convicted of an $11 robbery. The Scott Sisters had never been in trouble with the law, but on December 24, 1993, the Scott County Sheriff's Department in Mississippi arrested the Black women for an armed robbery where no one was murdered, injured or even taken to the hospital.

Gladys and Jamie, then 19-years- and 22-years-old have always maintained their innocence. This case represents a complete miscarriage of justice, say friends, family members and a growing number of supporters.

Three teenagers, all related and aged between 14 and 18, confessed to the robbery. In the initial complaint filed shortly after the robbery, the victims did not mention the Scott Sisters' alleged involvement in the crime. But the three teens agreed to a plea bargain that included implicating the two girls. The boys received 10 months in jail while the Scott Sisters, who were never offered a plea bargain, were sentenced to two life terms each.

“Even one of the alleged victims testified in court that Jamie and Gladys never robbed them, never took anything from them and that the three boys did, but that he believed that Jamie and Gladys told them to do it,” said Evelyn Rasco, the Scott Sisters' mother during an exclusive interview withThe Final Call. There was never any physical evidence entered into the trial and it was an all-White jury, she noted.

“No justice was given to them at all. It was a circus court. This is wrong. They have nine children and four grandchildren; oldest grandchild is seven-years-old,” said the mother.

Testimony from the Black youth reveals that coercions, threats and promises led to naming the Scott Sisters as the robbers. The 14-year-old testified that he signed a written statement without an attorney present. The teen was told that he would be sent up to Parchman Farm—the notorious Mississippi penitentiary—if he did not cooperate. In addition, he was told that he would be “made out of a woman” (raped by men) at Parchman. In 1998 one of the sentenced teens signed an affidavit maintaining the sisters were not involved with the crime.

The injustice stems from not only racism, but a vendetta against the family because of Scott Sisters' outspoken late father and another family member, explained Mrs. Rasco. The nephew of James “Hawk” Rasco, the father of the Scott Sisters, implicated a White sheriff who was extorting Black night club owners which resulted in the sheriff serving time in prison, she said. The night club owners had been paying approximately $100 per week to sell alcohol in Scott County, which was a dry county. Mr. Rasco who had recently moved to Mississippi from Chicago bought the night club from the nephew.

According to the mother, a Black deputy felt her husband should continue paying bribe monies that the nephew paid. Supporters say when Mr. Rasco refused the deputy responded, “I will get you, even if it is through your daughters.” Mr. Rasco died in February 2003 from a heart attack.

Mrs. Rasco has never given up hope. She has written letters, made phone calls and told everyone who would listen about her daughters' plight. She caught the attention of Nancy Lockhart, a legal representative and community organizer who was working at the Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

Ms. Lockhart began assisting the Scott Sisters after receiving a letter about the case from Mrs. Rasco in December of 2006. “When I read that letter, I could detect that she wasn't lying. I knew the letter was from the heart,” said Ms. Lockhart. “Then I read the transcripts. The case reeked of innocence.”

The Scott Sisters have exhausted all their legal remedies. Every attempt by the Scott Sisters to challenge their convictions has been denied. Jamie Scott is currently represented by Attorney Chokwe Lumumba for her medical issues only. Both Jamie and Gladys are in need of criminal lawyers to review their cases and determine a course of action, according to their mother.

The fight to free the sisters is now heightened by Jamie's worsening health condition. “Jamie is deteriorating every day,” said Mrs. Rasco.

In January, 2010, Jamie Scott suffered failure of both kidneys. “The medical diary of Jamie Scott is very extensive and depicts inhumane treatment, torture and the lack of appropriate medical care,” said Ms. Lockhart. From March 15, 2010, to approximately March 25, 2010, Jamie was hospitalized where attempts were made to eradicate severe infection and surgically implant a fistula into her arm for dialysis. She has no usage of that arm to date and continues to battle infections. One of the doctors stated that infection had spread throughout her body, say supporters. Her sister Gladys wants to donate a kidney to her sister.

The Scott Sisters' cry for justice has been heard by the Gray-Haired Witnesses for Justice, a group of “elder” activists who plan to fast and travel to the White House on June 21 to urge the federal government to “exercise an authentic system of justice for Gladys and Jamie Scott and all other women who have been incarcerated wrongly and egregiously over-sentenced,” said spokeswoman B.J. Janice Peak-Graham.

The Gray-Haired Witnesses for Justice have demanded freedom for the Scott Sisters and they want an inspection and observation team to enter the Pearl, Miss., prison where Jamie Scott is being held.

During the day-long upcoming demonstration, supporters will make a formal appeal to Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama.

Mrs. Rasco is unable to afford the trip to D.C. and is hoping supporters will be able to help pay for a bus. “The children really want to come in support of their mothers,” she said. “(This injustice) has destroyed my life. I am going to keep fighting until they are free or until I die; whichever one comes first.”

(To get involved in the June 21 fast and protest visit or contact The Committee to Free the Scott Sisters, 641-715-3900, ext. 99222.)

Posted by wbsinccd at 11:50 AM EDT
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Monday, June 14, 2010
Revolution Of The Black Mind
Mood:  energetic

It is time for a Revolution of the Black Mind. 

No more rap and clap sessions from those who are supposed to be representing us.  No mo lip service from  arm chair revolutionaries who are paid and controlled by the system.  It is time to assess our communities, our cities, our counties, our state and country and demand justice, truth, solutions, transparency and accountability.  Then we must go to work! By that i mean we must pool our money, start collective businesses that provide for our basic needs of food, clothing, entertainment, housing, transportation and employment.  We must identify people with the courage to stand up, speak truth to power and elect them to political office.  But beware of the wolves in sheep suits.  We must demand that our tax dollars be used equally to addess the needs of all those who pay taxes.  We must get off our knees and stop begging for justice, fairness, equality and liberty.   We must wage legal battles in the court sytem by suing the hell out of those who deny us and our people justice, fairness and equality.  They can ignor a rally, letters, protest and phone calls, but you can't deny a Law Suit.  We must create new organizations that seek to empower us and demand that those who we hire to lead them provide solutions to the problems affecting our community, city, county, state and country. 

Enough of the political games from both political parties.  We should all become independents and vote for leadership with the best ideas to solve our problems.  We must demand that our religious leaders either fight for Black uplift and empowerment in t he areas of education, economic development, health care, recreation, social development, safe neighborhoods or be quite, sit down and teach their false non-empowering religions that keep the masses of Blacks Folks in a deep coma.  We must start our own charter schools and vote for new public school board memebers who understand that we are in the 21st century and they have an elected duty to fire any teacher, administrator or superintendent who continues to fail our children.  We must demand that teachers are given the resources, technology and freedom to educate our children with love and compassion.  Their focus should be to produce compentent adults who can go to college, trade school and enter the world of work.  They need to know how to read, proper nutrition, how to shop for healthy foods, purchase a home, car, understand contracts, how to developed a healthy relationship, the skills to love and raise children, love and respect for humanity and community, how to be engaged in their community, how to collaborate with others to develop ideas into products and services and how to get them to the market place.  In addition to history, music, math, science, social studies, arts, physical fitness and technology.

Black People must embrace the Green Economy and collectively compete by creating urban farms in our backyards, selling what we grow at local farmer makets, providing services to Black Owned Churches, Nonprofits, Schools and businesses and starting renewable energy company.  We must demand the ability to tax ourselves and used that money to do for ourselves.  You would be amazed if you examine the budgets and salaries of church and nonprofit leaders in many Black Communities.  What they spend on paper, food, supplies, lawn care, servicing vehicles and other budgeted line items.  Because you are alseep or the walking dead, you have never been taught to ask the right questions or to demand answers and transparency.  Try researching the tax records of nonprofits, for profits and property values of buildings in your community and see what it hidden in plain sight.   

There will be people who look like you and me who benefit from the system the way it currently is and they will show to create confusion, disharmony and be fighting mad because their lies nolonger can control you, if you wake up.  They will offer you bribes, stroke your ego by putting you in the paper, on TV or Radio, and even offer you a position on a board or a job to get you to go back to sleep.   Where there is a WILL, there is a WAY, but where there is NO WILL, there are EXCUSES.  Anytime someone truly doesn't want to do something, they will find or create an EXCUSE. 

Please understand this: There a Black People benefiting from maintaining the conditions of Black Folks today and they will fight the hardest, because if your wake-up, they will lose control.  They are only good to their masters, as their ability to control the minds and actions of Black People at every level.   For some Black People who are sleeping comfortable, it maybe in our own interest to let them stay asleep, because they only awake to fight against any effort toward Black Uplift and Empowerment.  They generally show up late to the fight, question our rational, call for calm, want to lead the negotiation, sell their people down the river and return back to their position of guard dog for their master's house.

One Black Man's Opinion!  What's yours?

Posted by wbsinccd at 1:26 AM EDT
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010
Can we afford to allow the Oil Spill Disaster to Continue?
Mood:  energetic
Topic: Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

To be an unsolvable disaster or not, that is one of the questions.  This ain't about politics or corporate greed any more.  It's about the culture, economic survival and ecology of the US Gulf Coast and East Coast.   I don't want another commission, tough talking politicians, stiff upper lip military leader or protest against BP.  What this situation desperately requires is leadership that can produce immediate solutions. 

The federal government is too big to solve big problems.  It's lacks the vision and leadership to do anything but create process and paper work that keeps anything from getting done, except when it can to belling out Wall Street.

I would propose another solution to solve the Gulf Oil Spill, but The White House, EPA and BP didn't listen or respond to the other solutions I sent to them.  That leads me to conclude that even when provided with proposal to resolve this crisis, they are not seriously interested.

 Your opinion matters and I hope you are brave enough to have your say.

One Black Man's Opinion

Posted by wbsinccd at 5:07 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, July 2, 2010 9:49 AM EDT
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Helen Thomas Was Right
Mood:  happy
Topic: Stop Apologizing For The Truth

Helen Thomas was right!

The land occupied by Isreal belongs to the Palenstians.  The UN and the US had no right to accept the occupation.  That land was taken by force and if it is to return, it will be retaken by force.  The only solution is a three state solutions.  Gaza, West Bank and Isreal.  I doubt that will happen, because President Obama is too afraid of the powerful Israeli organizations to stand for what is right and just.  This saddens me, because I had hope that he would be a better man and a better leader.

One Black Man's Opinion

Posted by wbsinccd at 12:08 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, July 2, 2010 9:50 AM EDT
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